What Makes a Start-up Stand Out?

Irish Software Association

KantanMT was recently announced as a finalist in three out of eight categories of the Irish Software Awards 2016 (ISA 2016); ‘Emerging Company of the Year’, ‘Technology Innovation of the Year’ and ‘Outstanding Achievement in International Growth’. This is very exciting news for us, and our success has only been made possible thanks to our brilliantly supportive clients and partners. The announcement led us to walk down the memory lane, and think about things that we did right over the past couple of years.

We would like to share some basic principles that we followed as a company, which helped us succeed and made us one of the most recognisable brands, not only within the translation and localization industry, but also within the wider Software Service scene.

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KantanMT is Attending the South by Southwest Interactive Festival: Why are we excited?

sxsw-pr_320x320Enterprise Ireland is again showcasing the best Irish technology and innovation at the 21st annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival between March 11-20, 2016 in Austin, Texas – and we are excited!

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KantanMT – 2013 Year in Review

KantanMT 2013 year in ReviewKantanMT had an exciting year as it transitioned from a publicly funded business idea into a commercial enterprise that was officially launched in June 2013. The KantanMT team are delighted to have surpassed expectations, by developing and refining cutting edge technologies that make Machine Translation easier to understand and use.

Here are some of the highlights for 2013, as KantanMT looks back on an exceptional year.

Strong Customer Focus…

The year started on a high note, with the opening of a second office in Galway, Ireland, and KantanMT kept the forward momentum going as the year progressed. The Galway office is focused on customer service, product education and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and is home to Aidan Collins, User Engagement Manager, Kevin McCoy, Customer Relationship Manager and MT Success Coach, and Gina Lawlor, Customer Relationship co-ordinator.

KantanMT officially launched the KantanMT Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) platform as a commercial entity in June 2013. The platform was tested pre-launch by both industry and academic professionals, and was presented at the European OPTIMALE (Optimizing Professional Translator Training in a Multilingual Europe) workshop in Brussels. OPTIMALE is an academic network of 70 partners from 32 European countries, and the organization aims to promote professional translator training as the translation industry merges with the internet and translation automation.

The KantanMT Community…

The KantanMT member’s community now includes top tier Language Service Providers (LSPs), multinationals and smaller organizations. In 2013, the community has grown from 400 members in January to 3400 registered members in December, and in response to this growth, KantanMT introduced two partner programs, with the objective of improving the Machine Translation ecosystem.

The Developer Partner Program, which supports organizations interested in developing integrated technology solutions, and the Preferred Supplier of MT Program, dedicated to strengthening the use of MT technology in the global translation supply chain. KantanMT’s Preferred Suppliers of MT are:

KantanMT’s Progress…

To date, the most popular target languages on the KantanMT platform are; French, Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese. Members have uploaded more than 67 billion training words and built approx. 7,000 customized KantanMT engines that translated more than 500 million words.

As usage of the platform increased, KantanMT focused on developing new technologies to improve the translation process, including a mobile application for iOS and Android that allows users to get access to their KantanMT engines on the go.

KantanMT’s Core Technologies from 2013…

KantanMT have been kept busy continuously developing and releasing new technologies to help clients build robust business models to integrate Machine Translation into existing workflows.

  • KantanAnalytics™ – segment level Quality Estimation (QE) analysis as a percentage ‘fuzzy match’ score on KantanMT translations, provides a straightforward method for costing and scheduling translation projects.
  • BuildAnalytics™ – QE feature designed to measure the suitability of the uploaded training data. The technology generates a segment level percentage score on a sample of the uploaded training data.
  • KantanWatch™ – makes monitoring the performance of KantanMT engines more transparent.
  • TotalRecall™ – combines TM and MT technology, TM matches with a ‘fuzzy match’ score of less than 85% are automatically put through the customized MT engine, giving the users the benefits of both technologies.
  • KantanISR™ Instant Segment Retraining technology that allows members near instantaneous correction and retraining of their KantanMT engines.
  • PEX Rule Editor – an advanced pattern matching technology that allows members to correct repetitive errors, making a smoother post-editing process by reducing post-editing effort, cost and times.
  • Kantan API – critical for the development of software connectors and smooth integration of KantanMT into existing translation workflows. The success of the MemoQ connector, led to the development of subsequent connectors for MemSource and XTM.

KantanMT sourced and cleaned a range of bi-directional domain specific stock engines that consist of approx. six million words across legal, medical and financial domains and made them available to its members. KantanMT also developed support for Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Croatian Languages during 2013.

Recognition as Business Innovators…

KantanMT received awards for business innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the year. Founder and Chief Architect, Tony O’Dowd was presented with the ICT Commercialization award in September.

In October, KantanMT was shortlisted for the PITCH start-up competition and participated in the ALPHA Program for start-ups at Dublin’s Web Summit, the largest tech conference in Europe. Earlier in the year KantanMT was also shortlisted for the Vodafone Start-up of the Year awards.

KantanMT were silver sponsors at the annual 2013 ASLIB Conference ‘Adopting the theme Translating and the Computer’ that took place in London, in November, and in October, Tony O’Dowd, presented at the TAUS Machine Translation Showcase at Localization World in Silicon Valley.

KantanMT have recently published a white paper introducing its cornerstone Quality Estimation technology, KantanAnalytics, and how this technology provides solutions to the biggest industry challenges facing widespread adoption of Machine Translation.

KantanAnalytics WhitePaper December 2013

For more information on how to introduce Machine Translation into your translation workflow contact Niamh Lacy (niamhl@kantanmt.com).

KantanMT @ Web Summit 2013

Dublin’s Web Summit kicks off today and KantanMT is very excited that Tony O’Dowd, Founder and Chief Architect is battling against 50 other businesses in the first round of the PITCH competition today at 1:35pm. Tony will be presenting at PITCH STAGE 3.

Tomorrow, KantanMT are exhibiting in ALPHA village. Stop by the KantanMT exhibit and say ‘Hi’ to Tony, Eric and Niamh. They will be able to tell you all about the platform, new technologies and show you some demos.

In the following video, Tony gives an introduction into what KantanMT is about and what technologies have been developed so far. It is a great overview of KantanMT’s technology and team.

If you’re attending the Web Summit either today or tomorrow and want to set up a meeting with Tony, Niamh or Eric, you can call Niamh on +353 877526320, or email Niamhl@kantanmt.com.

Enjoy Web Summit 2013!


Dublin Web Summit 2013

Dublin_Web_Summit_logoKantanMT has two days out at the Dublin Web Summit 2013

The Dublin Web summit, 2013 is just a week away and anyone and everyone in the technology world is gearing up for it. The summit runs for two days from 30th-31st October, in the Royal Dublin Society (RDS), and is Europe’s biggest tech conference.

Ireland, a prime location for this event, is the European headquarters for many leading tech companies, and 40% of the summit’s attendees are based in Ireland. The conference has been running successfully since 2010. The first event, which attracted 500 attendees, has grown to an expected 10,000 for this year’s event. This shows just how popular the conference has become.

KantanMT will be one of the 22 Irish companies exhibiting at the summit as part of the ALPHA program. KantanMT was selected, as one of the 600 start ups participating from all over the world.

The ALPHA program is designed specifically to give new start-ups a chance to get their name out, and build networks with potential investors and partners. More than 200 potential investors will be at the summit. A snapshot of the impressive investor line-up includes: Atomico, Accel Partners, Goldman Sachs, Andreessen Horowitz and Google ventures. The ALPHA program gives participating technology companies the opportunity for one on one meetings with these investors.

pitch logo
Another great event KantanMT is involved in, is the PITCH Competition. KantanMT’s Founder and Chief Architect, Tony O’Dowd is battling against 50 other start-ups in the BETA category at PITCH during the conference.

The PITCH competition, presented by Box offers the opportunity to present pitches in front of the attending media and investors. The competition runs over both days on three stages and the winning company will be awarded the title best high potential start-up of 2013 and a prize amounting to the value of €500,000. The judges are a mix of high profile entrepreneurs, venture capitalists (VC), Angel investors and tech journalists.

If you’re attending the web summit next week, contact Niamh to set up a meeting Niamhl@kantanmt.com.

Or stop by the KantanMT exhibit and meet Tony, Eric and Niamh to hear all about the platform, watch some demos and see for yourself how KantanMT is making waves in the global translation industry.

MT and the Cloud (Pt. 1)

This two-part blog discusses how Machine Translation platforms are making best use of cloud technology. It also looks at the benefits that Machine Translation brings to the Language Service Providers (LSPs) who are availing of it. In this first blog, we are going to look a bit more into the growing popularity of cloud technologies, particularly in Ireland, and find out why so many businesses are making this all important move.

Part 1. The Growing Popularity of the Cloud
A study published last year by ISACA and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) stated that many of its participants felt the major innovations in cloud technologies were being rolled out within businesses and not to the markets. However, as the report suggests, cloud technology can serve as a catalyst for innovation among enterprises, and a cornerstone for change in “how technology is deployed” and “leveraged as a strategic resource”. The study stated that the future looked bright for the cloud, and in the past year, its optimism has been met by results.

In Ireland for example, the government has targeted the cloud computing industry in this year’s job action plan. Among its major objectives:

  • Treble the amount of Enterprise Ireland client companies providing services from cloud computing platforms from 80 to 250
  • Raise awareness to the competitive advantages of cloud computing
  • Help companies meet their Data Protection obligations as they switch to the cloud

Cloud computing concept, businessman with cloud over hand

And how about Irish companies who have made the big step to cloud processes in the past year? Well, according to the recently published Microsoft/Amárach Cloud Index, the number of Small and Medium Enterprises (with a staff of 5 to 50) using cloud technologies has increased by 21 per cent.

The index highlights some other key point:

  • 64% of respondents say cloud technology has met their expectations
  • 48% see the cloud as a business essential
  • 40% of respondents intend to begin some form of cloud programme within the year
  • 67% say it will help them meet the challenges facing their businesses and not simply providing an IT solution

So what do capital investment and the results of the index tell us about the cloud industry going forward? We can take three key points from the data. Firstly, it demonstrates the emphasis that industry stakeholders are placing on cloud applications and its introduction to business sector operations. Secondly, it shows that companies who see cloud technology as a business essential and a response to external threats are showing progressive attitudes that represent a break in tradition from the problem highlighted within the ISACA/CSA report – namely, keeping cloud technology in-house. And thirdly, it shows that the benefits of the cloud are not just exclusive to mega-rich multinationals, but also small and medium sized companies.

As an increasing number of companies move their processes to the cloud, it makes sense that they want similar and preferably better services to those which they have used to date. Machine Translation is now available to companies on the cloud and the second part to this blog will examine how it is providing a better automated translation service to customers than ever before.

The second part of this blog, “The Benefits of Cloud Machine Translation” will be available on the KantanMT blog on Monday July 1st.

Enterprise Ireland Showcase 2013

KantanMT will be exhibiting at Enterprise Ireland’s High Potential Start-Ups showcase this Wednesday, March 6th, at the Mansion House Dublin. The event, hosted by Minister for Small business, Mr. John Perry T.D., along with Enterprise Ireland Director, Julie Sinnamon, is the largest event in the HPSU calendar year. It commends the 97 High Potential Start-Up companies, 60 Competitive Start companies, and 12 New Frontier companies that received Enterprise Ireland investment during 2012.

Things to expect on the day:

  • Demonstrations on the KantanMT.com platform: The KantanMT team will be on hand between 11am and 2pm to offer Machine Translation demonstrations on KantanMT.com.
  • Sign up for Free: Members of the team will be there to help you set up your free account so you too can begin to enjoy better translations.
  • Information: The team will be pleased to answer any questions you might have in relation to the KantanMT platform and Machine Translation. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discuss the topic face to face.

Keep an eye on our Social Media pages for pictures and videos from the day.

If you have any images from the event we would love to see them. Please email marketing@kantanmt.com