Interview with Language Industry Veteran and GALA Executive Director – Laura Brandon


It’s coming to the end of a successful year and we are beginning to look back on our partnerships. We understand that being part of a network of experts, practitioners, solution providers and thought leaders is a very powerful tool for success. So, we were delighted catch up with Laura Brandon, Executive Director for the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) to find out more about GALA, its purpose, benefits of membership and future plans. Continue reading

What Small-Scale Business Can Learn from the Success Story of Atletico

atletico celebrating.jpgIn anticipation for the kick-off for the Champions League Finals between Atletico and Real Madrid on Saturday, we took a look into the histories of the two clubs, their modus operandi, and lessons that small to medium businesses can learn from each, to achieve success and accelerate their growth.

“No Atletico player would make it in Real Madrid’s team. Real are better in all positions,” said Real Madrid’s normally mild mannered Welsh man Gareth Bale.

His comments caused outrage, particularly amongst Atletico fans. But it cannot be denied that on a player by player basis, Real are superior, they are the destination of preference for the most talented players around the world. For almost a century, their fans have been enthralled by players revered the world over such as Puskas, Zidane and Ronaldo. This has meant trophies – and lots of them. They have won 32 La Liga titles and 10 champion leagues (formerly the European Cup), whereas Atletico lags far behind with 10 La Liga trophies and no champions leagues. Continue reading