In light of a recent KantanMT user survey, we noticed that while all our clients enjoy using our custom MT platform, some of our users are less aware of the KantanMT productivity enhancing tools and features, which help access KantanMT translations within the work environment.

Translations from your custom KantanMT engines can be directly accessed within a Microsoft program or on a webpage and in various other ways. In this post, we will tell you about the 6 coolest ways you can get your KantanMT translations, without even having to open the platform.

1. Translate from the Desktop

A particularly nifty piece of technology in the KantanMT Suite of Productivity Apps allows clients to simply drag-and-drop their files for translation to the KantanDesktop™ app and receive the translated output by email. The fact that users can translate multiple files directly from the desktop and receive the translations in their email inbox, without having to separately log on to the KantanMT platform, helps save time and simplify the workflow.

2. Translate webpages with KantanMT engines

Our clients work in multilingual environments, and they often come across domain-specific multilingual sites, which require translations. While some of the popular, free, open-source translation sites would do a tolerable job of translating the websites, KantanSnippet™ goes the extra mile by providing instant, domain-specific translations from the custom KantanMT engines.

KantanSnippet can be used to translate any content on the browser – which means all Internet, Intranet and Extranet pages can be translated with this tool in a highly secure environment. KantanSnippet is perfect for “our security and productivity conscious client.” You can read our interview with the developer of KantanSnippet on our blog here.

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3. Translate using embedded translation widget

KantanTranslate™ is a web-based application, which can be embedded on any website, Intranet or Extranet pages, and it allows words and phrases to be translated instantly. Users can simply type the text and then click on the Translate button. The translation output will automatically appear in the adjacent text area.

This widget is used by several of our clients who have employees working in a multilingual setting, requiring texts to be translated in a secure and domain-specific environment. Since the translations are produced by the client’s own custom KantanMT engines, the output is always reliable and relevant to the client’s industry.

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4. Translate using CAT tools

KantanMT translations can also be accessed by using KantanAPI™ to integrate with third-party CAT tools as well as other CMSs. KantanAPI combines load balancing and auto-scaling into one seamless service to improve translation capacity, system reliability and overall translation performance.

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5. Translate your email content securely

One of the benefits of working in a global company with teams spread across the world is that you get to experience a very multicultural work environment. On the flipside, however, you might often end up receiving mail trails in which the first few mails might be in a completely different language! You know from experience that the content of the mail might be of a sensitive nature and do not want to use any free MT platform, which can access your data. What do you do?

Well, our KantanOfficeMT™ was developed exactly to get our clients out of these tricky situations. Once set up, this widget will allow you and your team to securely translate your email texts on MS Outlook. Again, the fact that the translation output comes from the custom KantanMT engines means that they will retain the terminology standards of your industry – so nothing’s lost in translation – quite literally.

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6. Translate text directly on MS Word and PowerPoint  

Our plug-in for Microsoft Office applications provides instant translation of selected words or phrases using customised KantanMT engines in just 3 simple steps. As any translation job on KantanMT, the translation output conforms to your industry standard, as long as your engines have been trained and customised thoroughly.

KantanOfficeMT works with Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and OneNote.


Excited about knowing more about KantanWidgets™? You can see our brochure here.