Peter Coyle, a Transition Year student from Blackrock College spent a week at KantanMT, learning about the language and localization industry and the KantanMT technology. We were delighted to have him in our office and really appreciated the hard work he put in during his time here. While Peter had a packed schedule over the week, he found some time to blog about his TY work experience with us. Read his opinion about KantanMT, the ever-changing world of technology and his key takeaways from the work experience.

Read what Peter had to say about KantanMT

My name is Peter Coyle and I am a transition year student in Blackrock College. I chose to do my work experience here in KantanMT, because I am interested in technology and hope to one day work in a tech company. Technology is growing at an incredible rate. I believe my generation and the generation before me are living in a kind of “renaissance” of technology. The growth and change of the world of technology excite me. People are doing things now that couldn’t have been imagined just years ago. Driverless cars, VR drones and the power to translate 4 million words in 24 hours… that’s amazing!


What is KantanMT and what do they do?

KantanMT is a Custom Machine Translation platform that provides the most extensive range of customisation and accuracy management features in the market. Used by some of the world’s leading brands, KantanMT delivers translations that are superfast, accurate and brand-consistent. KantanMT ensures data-confidentiality with cloud or on-premise deployments, offers self-managed or fully-serviced implementations, and supports any translation volume in over 760 language pairs.

What did I do and learn at KantanMT?

I was given several tasks at the beginning of the week. One of my tasks was to research the Machine Translation service industry and compare the KantanMT offerings with other companies offering similar solutions. It was interesting to analyse KantanMT’s technology and customer service against one of its main competitors.

After receiving a demo of KantanMT’s expansive range of services from Riccardo Superbo (KantanMT’s Client Solutions Engineer), it became clear to me that Kantan offers a much wider range of services than its competitors. I was pleasantly surprised by the intelligence of KantanMT’s technology and yet its wonderful simplicity. It was so easy to use, that by the end of the week even I could create my own engine with no background in IT or language. The beauty of KantanMT, in my opinion, is that it gives any organisation the opportunity to grow anywhere at any time.

After completing my competitor analysis it is apparent no other MT company come close to KantanMT’s level of efficiency and accuracy. They offer a growing number of features to cater to the specific needs and demands of every organisation they work with.

My keytake away from this experience

The KantanMT staff were as friendly as their technology. Riccardo was brilliant at teaching me how to use and understand the KantanMT platform. Poulomi (KantanMT’s Marketing and Content Developer) assigned me tasks that were both interesting and fun. She also taught me how to use Photoshop, a very useful skill that I will practise in the future.

As I leave my last day of work experience with KantanMT, I will take with me a greater understanding of the technology industry, improved presentation and people skills, and knowledge of how it feels to work as part of a team in an office. I would like to thank the KantanMT team for welcoming and helping me throughout the week.

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