On this #InternationalTranslationDay, we would like to send our appreciation to all the hard-working translators and linguists who are helping people break global borders and communicate with other. But their contribution goes beyond just helping people get content in their own languages. As translators and linguists, they are  spreading love and saving lives.

TWB KantanMT

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Translators without Borders (TWB), for their humanitarian efforts worldwide. TWB supports the works of hundreds of organisations in the areas of crisis relief, health and education.

TWB strives to provide people access to vital, sometimes life-saving, information in their own language by connecting non-profit organisations with a community of volunteer professional translators; building local language translation capacity and raising awareness of language barriers.

In the past five years, they have translated over 30 million words of life-changing content in over 150 languages. Their latest activities for the European refugee crisis, the Ebola crisis and the Nepal earthquake have won widespread praise from the international community.

For example, during the Nepal earthquake in April 2015, TWB activated a Rapid Response Team who monitored local language print and social media and started translating over 500 terms into Nepali, Newari and Hindi for search and rescue people.

Translated Twitter messages, which contained crucial information about first aid and protection during and after an earthquake were distributed widely. You can read more about their Response to Nepal Earthquake here.

We appreciate and really look up to the work that TWB does, and we try to contribute in our modest way to this exceptionally important cause.

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All your words matter

We would also like to thank some of our partners in the language industry who have also been working hard to disseminate and share knowledge and expertise within the industry.

Thank you. TWB TAUS MultiLingual IAMT ADAPT Localisation reasearch EAMT GALA KantanMT

To find out more about what we do, send an email to info@kantanmt.com or visit http://www.kantanmt.com.