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, from the KantanMT Professional Services Team sets off on his much-awaited Trans-Mongolian journey today, and we would like to wish him the very best of luck on this monumental adventure of his. A self-proclaimed “aspiring globetrotter,” Riccardo has a panache for selecting less popular and unusual destinations for his trips, and if we are completely honest, we a bit awed by how splendid his “Journey on the Trans-Mongolian Railway” sounds.

Riccardo has a distinct flair for languages and can speak Italian, English, Mandarin Chinese, German, French and is currently studying Irish! So it is not surprising that irrespective of where he travels, Riccardo manages to pick up a bit of the local language and make new friends everywhere. Riccardo will be documenting his adventures (and misadventures) in his bilingual travel blog ‘Of Journeys and Dreams’ in English and Italian. We would highly recommend following his progress over the course of the next few weeks.

Riccardo has an extensive list of more than sixteen places he plans to visit over the course of his trip! But he has hardly booked any of his flights and trains. Indeed, as he mentions in his blog, “if I have everything booked up, where’s the fun?”

Very well said, Riccardo! We hope Riccardo has a lot of fun during his trip, and he comes back with a richer cultural understanding of the new places he discovers and people he meets during his journey.

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We asked some of the team members at KantanMT to share their message to Riccardo here. Here’s what they had to say:

“We are so excited for Riccardo and his adventure sounds just incredible! Cant wait to read all about it in the blog! Really looking forward to welcoming him back safe with lots of stories (and chocolate for the team of course)!” – Louise Faherty, Project Manager, Professional Services Team, KantanMT

“Go n-éirí an bóthar(/iarnród) leat!” – Seosamh O Cinneide, Associate Software Development Engineer, KantanMT, decided to keep it short and sweet!

“Have the greatest time on your “Adventure of a lifetime!” Looking forward to seeing the amazing photos when yo are home safe and well!” – Pat Nagle, Project Manger, KantanMT  

শুভ যাত্রা/ Subho jatra, Riccardo. I look forward to all the brilliant stories you come back with. Make the most of this brilliant trip!” – Poulomi Choudhury, Content Developer, KantanMT

“Good luck Riccardo, the Trans-Mongolian rail journey is one of the greatest adventures you can undertake. I hope you have fun, see great things and meet great people, but most of all stay safe and come back to us. – Louise Irwin, Digital Marketing Manager, KantanMT

Follow Riccardo’s adventures on his blog: Of Journeys and Dreams

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