Situated at the heart of the autonomous region of Catalonia, Spain’s second largest city and one of the country’s biggest tourist destinations, Barcelona has a lot to offer.

Barcelona is the land of cultural revolution and independent idealism. Its people take great pride in protecting the unique and proud heritage of the city. Since the fall of the repressive regime of Franco, this host city of the 1992 Olympic Games has flourished and evolved into a modern European city of economic and cultural growth and development.

The epitome of strength in times of vulnerability, Barcelona’s recent past strongly mirrors that of the eCommerce industry.

Between 2009 and 2013, the European eCommerce market grew by 110%, which contrasts greatly with the lack of growth in any other industry. In the US, eCommerce growth increased by 10% in 2015 alone. This growth doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon, with eCommerce predicted to account for 50% of all consumer spending in 2016.

Here are 7 reasons why Barcelona and the Global E-Commerce Summit have so much to offer.

Antoni Gaudí

One of the most famous and unique architects the world has ever known, Antoni Gaudí has left a compelling imprint on the landscape of this architecturally lavish city.

Part of the Art Nouveau movement, his unique style is immediately recognisable. His projects often defied existing architectural norms, both structurally and stylistically. His playful use of resources and mosaic tiles could be described as sometimes maddening but always captivating, its form often breaking free from the shackles of structure.

His most famous masterpiece is the Sagrada Familia, which Paul Goldberger called, “the most extraordinary personal interpretation of Gothic architecture since the Middle Ages.” Its impeccable scale and sheer magnitude guarantees to leave a lasting impression. In fact, the project is so vast that it is still being complete, despite being started in 1882!

Don’t forget to see his work in progress during your visit to the Global E-Commerce Summit.


Barcelona F.C.

Located to the east of the city centre is Camp Nou, home of Barcelona C.F., the club slogan is “Més que un Club,” meaning, “More than a Club”, alluding to the strong cultural links attached to the club and Catalonian culture and people.

Their significance on the pitch is equally important. Playing an elegant and refined possession-orientated game, Barcelona has won hordes of admirers and trophies through the years. Manager Yohan Cruyff, and more recently Pep Guardiola are accredited as being the main pillars behind the club’s current position of superiority in the world of football. Camp Nou has also seen revered talents like Messi, Ronaldhinio, Romário, Neymar, Laudrup, Xavi, Iniesta, Maradona, Rivaldo, and Stoichkov –  grace the pitch over the years.

Unfortunately, the current season culminates on the 22nd May (Barcelona currently sit at the top of the Spanish league), however stadium tours take place regularly.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see the historic football club during your visit to the Global E-Commerce Summit. To book in advance visit the club’s website.


Las Ramblas

The 1.2 KM long boulevard of La Ramblas is at the heart of this bustling city. The broad pedestrian central strip is whimsically complimented by chaotic narrow, twisted, almost un-ending streets.

Catalan life is strongly represented here with numerous shops, bars, theatres and cultural centres. You will also find street performers along the way who perform below the city’s beautiful, sun draped architecture.

Les Rambles.jpg

Beaches Galore

Visit the beautiful sandy beaches of Barcelona when you are at the Global E-Commerce Summit. They are only 10 minutes outside the city, thanks to the city metro – simply take the yellow-line from La Ramblas  and it will bring you straight there.

Continuing the theme of quirkiness in the city, the promenade is dotted with unconventional and eccentric architecture and artwork. You can swim, kite surf, wind surf or simply sun bathe and relax with a few drinks after the Summit.


Global E-Commerce Party

Your Global E-Commerce ticket  comes with access to the Global E-Commerce Party. After a day of developing your eCommerce knowledge, why not unwind with some food and drinks to the beat of music, and the setting sun as your your backdrop.

This is also a great opportunity to exchange ideas and network with likeminded people from all over the world.

The party takes place at the OneOcean Club, on 31st May, from 8:15 PM. Located by one of the largest super yacht marinas in the Mediterranean, this venue elegantly merges traditional Catalonian and modern architecture, all the while being complimented by the rich views overlooking the marina.


Diverse Speakers from all over the world

The most exciting and attractive part of the Global E-Commerce Summit are the high calibre, insightful speakers and presentations.

Some of the biggest brands and influencers in eCommerce industry will be present at the event. Alibaba, UPS, Philips, The European Commission, Amsterdam University, Lego, KPMG, Google, E-Commerce Europe and Harvey Norman are just some examples.

Speakers come from diverse range of backgrounds, below is a selection of speakers whom Brian Coyle, Chief Commercial Officer and Louise Irwin, Digital Marketing Manager at KantanMT are looking forward to seeing:

  • Abdallah Absi founded Zoomal at the young age of 23. He is also the CEO of the organisation, which aims to raise a new generation of entrepreneurs in Arab and emerging regions by empowering digital and online businesses to erode the traditional barriers of global business.
  • Cheng Ouyang is the Executive Senior Advisor and Director of the Ali Cross-border eCommerce Research Centre. Cheng will speak about the challenges of attempting to globalise online retail giant Alibaba.
  • Koja Kalla is an Estonian member of EU parliament who co-drafted the strategic report “Towards a Digital Single Market Act,” which calls for ambitious action to remove barriers in the digital world as well as to avoid hindering the technological revolution by overregulating the sector.
  • Maria del Carmen Fernandez Albertos is the Head of eCommerce/Online, Global Partnerships at Google. It will be extremely interesting to hear her insights into how Google strategizes, dissects and develops its businesses within different regions.



The Global E-Commerce Summit is designed to be informal and welcoming. With over 850 chief level delegates representing various eCommerce companies from different backgrounds all over the world, you are sure to build productive, fruitful relationships.


To book a meeting with Brian Coyle, Chief Commercial Officer and Louise Irwin, Digital Marketing Manager, mail, or book here.