Case Study: Automotive translation with WK Automotive
Case Study: Automotive translation with WK Automotive

The globalised make-up of the car industry, means automated translation is an important tool for those working in the automotive industry. KantanMT has helped clients use Machine Translation to efficiently translate technical documentation, motor part catalogues and how-to manuals, whilst automotive websites, such as ChromeData use KantanMT to translate content, so it can give detailed vehicle info and specifications for thousands of websites and dealerships around the globe.

The automotive industry has always been one of change. That change is leading to fundamental shifts in car technology and how users interact with them. In 2016, a typical car coming off the production line will contain 100 million lines of code. 20 million of those lines of code are required just to run a standard navigation and infotainment system. This increasing complexity inevitably leads to increasing level of customisation.

Changing Automotive Industry

While technology continues to advance, car manufacturers are increasingly looking at it as an area of differentiation. As manufacturers explore ways of delivering superior performance, implementing software that can be updated regularly, similar to that of a mobile phone, will enter mainstream usage in our cars. Technology centric car companies such as Tesla are already utilising such conveniences and it is inevitable more will follow.

KantanMT - The Best Automotive Translation Solution
KantanMT – The Best Automotive Translation Solution

This means that in car entertainment is no longer stationary. Its content, its configuration will always be changing. The need to both quickly and accurately translate such software into hundreds of different languages is obvious, KantanMT can meet these demands, it has the capacity to translate 100 million words a day. Not only does a car manufacturer need to be able to easily and accurately translate content, but now it must do this at a speed never considered before. Machine Translation can play an integral part in providing such mass translation to scale and at speed.

KantanMT Client Success Stories

KantanMT has a strong track-record when it comes to helping clients with their translation needs. For example:

  • Europe’s largest truck manufacturer reduced localization costs by 28%,
  • A leading global vehicle manufacturer improved translation accuracy by 25%
  • Automotive content provider Chrome Data increased their productivity by 70%

Customer piece of mind is at the forefront of what we do, because of this KantanMT is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the safest and most secure cloud service in the world. Confidentiality is one of our key differentiators over the competition – we do not reuse or repurpose our client data. Only our clients can access their content.

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