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This month is going to be very busy and exciting for innovators in the retail as well as entertainment industry. Between, RTBE Expo in London (9-10 March) and South by Southwest Festival in Austin (11-20 March), there’s a lot going on in terms of innovation and industry knowledge sharing.

The KantanMT team is looking forward to exhibiting at stand #982 during the annual RBTE 2016 and meeting new and established eCommerce companies at the event, we decided to create our own list of 5 companies, which are sure to make an impact in the retail industry. These companies are young, innovative, and they understand the evolving needs of the industry.

The Retail industry today is in a constant state of flux, and to stay ahead, they have to adopt new technology and software, which will place them a cut above their competitors. These 5 companies realise this, and have come up with products that will help Retailers keep up with the changing customer needs.

1. Price Trakker


Retail customers can find price comparison apps at the drop of the hat. However, for retailers themselves, it is often tough to find out how they compare to their rivals. With Price Tracker’s intelligent price tracking product, this is all set to change.

According to their own website, “Price Trakker provides daily actionable insights to large and small retailers and brands across the globe.” Their proprietary technology can be used to automate pricing decisions for their websites and boost their bottom line.

Go see the innovative technology at: stand number 487

2. NextOrbit

This company aims to take the term “out-of-stock” out of retail! Their product aims to improve retail sales and customer experience by predicting and mitigating out-of-stock items at retail stores. by enabling data sciences driven store ordering and shelf replenishment alerts, NextOrbit has created a solution that will enhance shelf availability of products in stores. This means that your customers won’t return home dejected after not finding their favourite brand of gluten-free pizza base on your shelf!

Go see the innovative technology at: stand number 181

3. Aldebaran



Why are they exciting? One word: Robots! Their humanoid robots, with unique personality can be used in retail to enhance the ‘wow-factor’ of your offering. According to their website, their robot Pepper can be used in the storefront to welcome your customers and help them through the early stages of shopping. “Connected to your CRM or sales tools or pre-programmed with relevant information, the robot selects applications – simple or complex – to assist directly or can call staff when needed… Thanks to your existing customer information combined with new data gathered during interacting with Pepper, which includes comments and emotions, Pepper allows you to customise experiences and maximise conversion rates.”

We think we just might get Pepper for our office in Dublin!

Go see the innovative technology at: stand number 817

4. Segura

twitter-312464_960_720 @SeguraSystems

This is yet another vibrantly innovative company that has clearly identified a major pain IC4 Presentation PR320x320point for the retail industry and gone on to solve it with aplomb. Their cloud-based software helps to put businesses back in control of their supply chains. Their product helps retailers track their supply chain, monitor orders and track order fulfilment.

(Like us they leverage the flexibility and security of the cloud with  Amazon Web Services, which means their solution is scalable, cost-effective and extremely secure.)

Go see the innovative technology at: stand number 1015

5. Adyen Payments 


Adyen provides a technology that revolutionises payments for global eCommerce. Their seamless payment solution for mobile, online and in-store transactions, enables merchants to accept almost any type of payment, anywhere in the world.

According to Adyen, they are the world’s only global omnichannel payments solution that connects directly to card schemes and other payment methods to ensure maximum authorization rates, and more revenue.

Go see the innovative technology at: stand number 127

And a bonus company you should meet:

6. KantanMT

twitter-312464_960_720 (@KantanMT)

(Yes, we sneaked ourselves in there! Cheeky? Maybe. But when it comes to innovative technology for retail, we have been excelling ourselves for some time now. Come meet us and find out for yourself.)

We solve the problem of language for our retail clients with innovative Custom Machine Translation features. The KantanMT Team has developed a solution that allows eRetailers to automate multilingual product catalogue translation, and directly publish multilingual content to the webstore. The KantanMT solution boosts global product sales and their high quality translations help to dramatically reduce product returns and improve customer satisfaction.

Arrange a meeting1

Go see the innovative technology at: stand number 982

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Brian Coyle (@briandcoyle)  and Louise Irwin  (@Louise3993) will be available for KantanMT demos and discussion stand #982 during the show. To arrange a meeting send an email to sales@kantanmt.com.

Retail customers today have innumerable options, and any hindrance in the buying process can make them move on to another retailer that is more accommodating. The solutions provided by Adyen, NextOrbit, and KantanMT, among others, ensure that your customers get the best shopping experience from you. And that’s why you need to meet these companies at the RBTE expo and find out how they can help you to bring your retail business to a whole new level.

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