2016Trends_1_ImageKantanMT recently published a brand-new white paper on what global companies can expect to see in 2016 for Machine Translation (MT). The MT industry is rapidly changing and moulding itself to the technical needs and globalization requirements of the present day. Our white paper puts forward six major MT trends that all businesses need to KNOW in order to stay relevant and ahead of their competitors.

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One of the major changes in 2016 will be an unprecedented shift towards globalization, led by Internet users. This shift is estimated to increase to an estimated 7.5 billion by 2020, a tremendous leap from 3 billion in 2015. Most of these users will come from emerging nations such as India, China and Indonesia etc.  (Source: eMarketer). This increase will open up new opportunities and possibilities for companies looking to expand and grow.

Custom Machine Translation (CMT) will become a top priority for companies interested in growth and increasing sales by tapping into these new markets.

Trend: The Age of Automatic Workflows and More Collaboration

The content space today is dominated by technological automation. Businesses that can focus on changing and adapting their localization workflow in line with these advancements will win the globalization game.

The MT induBlog1_IMGstry will embrace translation agility more than ever before to meet the speed and scalability expectation of businesses in 2016. So, as a business looking to enter newer markets, you need to choose a language solution partner that focuses extensively on seamlessly automating the translation workflow.

2016 will also be the year that sees stronger collaboration between businesses, LSPs, MT solution providers and translators. Localization with factory-like workflows that are continuous, quick, automated, and effective will be embraced by most industries to reach new markets faster.


To know about the other 5 trends, download our white paper today or follow our blog because we will reveal another trend next week! Stay tuned.

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