KantanBuildAnalyticsRegardless of what we do in our professional careers there is one thing that we all have in common, and that is how to get more done, be more productive and achieve the results we want…yesterday! For Machine Translation or Localization engineers this means finding the quickest way to get their MT engines ready to translate files.

KantanBuildAnalytics is a feature that solves the problem of how to quickly improve an engine after its initial training with minimum cost and effort. This post will teach you how to use KantanBuildAnalytics to get your KantanMT engines ready to translate faster.

Lets look at some of the features available for KantanBuildAnalytics:

  • Fluency Analysis – work with segment level BLEU scores to find out how relevant your training data is and how it impacts engine fluency.
  • Recall and Precision Analysis – use segment level F-Measure scores to understand the recall precision of your MT engines.
  • Post-Editing Estimation – calculate how much editing it will take to prepare a machine translated file for publishing using segment level TER (Translation Error Rate) scores.
  • Gap Analysis –  improve your engine quickly by creating terminology (glossary) files, simply download a list of untranslated words or ‘gaps’ (as an excel file) then re upload the excel files as new glossary training data.
  • Training Data Reject Reports – see any training data segments that have been rejected from the engine and their reason for rejection in a downloadable excel file.
  • Timeline – like your facebook timeline, see your MT engine’s history, with every action taken to improve the engine. It even lets you archive versions so if something goes wrong in the retraining, you can go back to an earlier version.

How to use KantanBuildAnalytics

Login into your KantanMT account using your email and your password.

You will be directed to the ‘My Client Profiles’ page. You will be in the ‘Client Profiles’ section of the ‘My Client Profiles’ page. The last profile you were working on will be ‘Active’.

My Client Profiles KantanMT
My Client Profiles Dashboard, KantanMT.com

To use ‘KantanBuildAnalytics’ with another profile other than the ‘Active’ profile. Click on the profile you want to use the ‘KantanBuildAnalytics’ with and make sure that the profile selected has at least one ‘Build’ job done successfully.

Then click on the ‘Build Analytics’ tab on the My Client Profiles’ page.

Selecting KantanBuildAnalytics™ on an active KantanMT profile.

This will take you to the ‘KantanBuildAnalytics’ page, where you will see the ‘Summary’ tab. This is selected by default. Your summary tab should give you an overview of the performance and measurement of your KantanMT engine.

And of course for the excel lovers, its possible to download the full summary report as an excel spreadsheet, so the engine’s performance information can be analysed to suit your organisation’s specific style requirements. To download the report click on the ‘Download summary report’ button.

To ‘Deep Tune’ the engine click on the ‘Deep Tune’ button. be warned though, this is a thorough tuning of the engine and will take a lot of time, the bigger the MT engine, the longer the tuning process takes.

KantanBuildAnalytics Summary Report
Download KantanBuildAnalytics Summary Report

A ‘Tune Engine’ pop up window will now appear on your screen, click on the ‘OK’ button if you want to deep tune or on ‘Cancel’ if you no longer wish to deep tune the engine.

To see how many segments in the training data were rejected, click on the ‘Rejects Report’ tab. This takes you to the ‘Rejects Report’ page, where you will see a list of segments and the reasons they were rejected.

KantanBuildAnalytics Rejects Report
Generating your KantanBuildAnalytics Rejects Report

To download an excel version of the rejects report click on the ‘Download’ button.

To create, test and manage customised preprocessing rules for your training data, click on the ‘Preprocessor Mngt’ button.

These features help MT or Localization Engineers build and develop better performing KantanMT engines. Read more about these features below, or Contact a member of our sales team,  to start using our platform now!