The KantanMT Development Team have been working round the clock to improve the KantanMT platform, and the latest product feature; KantanTemplates™ does not disappoint! The new feature makes it easier to build KantanMT engines – improving Machine Translation productivity.

“The goal when developing the KantanTemplates feature was to make it as simple as possible for members to build and customise their MT engines. One of the things we noticed on the platform was that many of our clients have a core data-set that they would use to build multiple engines. Instead of having to upload the same data over and over, we wanted to create a way for them to upload the data once, and then be able to apply it to any profile they wanted” says Software Developer, Marek Mazur.


Why do it twice if it only needs to be done once?

When members want to modify or update the training data used in one of their KantanMT engines, they can do this on the ‘My Templates’ page. But, instead of manually updating the data for each individual profile, they can update their template once and voilà, the updates are then automatically applied on all profiles using that template.

Time is precious – don’t waste it

We are always happy when we find ways to increase productivity and save time. So by reducing the hassle of maintaining large training data sets for multiple engines, we can reduce engine development times by making it easier and more efficient to manage inter-related training sets. This helps our members be more productive, so with the time they save they can either work more or play more!

Consistency is king

KantanTemplates helps our members create data-sets of bidirectional training data. These data-sets (or templates) can be used by multiple KantanMT engines. And if a template is changed, all the KantanMT engines based on that template will be instantly modified, making it easier to ensure consistency across files.

Watch the video

Members can access KantanTemplates from the templates tab on their ‘My Profiles’ page. To learn more about KantanTemplates or KantanMT technologies, please contact us at