The KantanMT API (application programming interface) is a feature of that allows both Language Service Providers and multilingual organisations to integrate customized Statistical Machine Translation into their content management systems and/or workflows. The RESTful API enables users to generate automatic translation of text segments or documents in real-time, within almost any application. This means that members of the platform can enjoy seamless integration; saving time, money and hassle!

Some of the many different ways our members are using KantanMT API are listed below:


Translation Management Systems: KantanMT can be easily integrated into any localization workflow. This means that translators can get instant access to machine translated segments during the localization process. KantanMT has developed connectors to some of the most popular translation workflow software. View these here>>



Content Management Systems (CMS): Using, you can communicate with a global audience through your website. Machine Translation website integration is particularly effective for disposable content and user generated content such as real-time chat and reviews, but can also still offer many benefits for full website translation.



Email: Companies that operate internationally can benefit from real-time email translation using the API. This can save vital time when communicating with internal members of staff.

To hear more about how the KantanMT API can increase your translation productivity, contact one of the friendly team today! (email