KantanMT @ Web Summit 2013

Dublin’s Web Summit kicks off today and KantanMT is very excited that Tony O’Dowd, Founder and Chief Architect is battling against 50 other businesses in the first round of the PITCH competition today at 1:35pm. Tony will be presenting at PITCH STAGE 3.

Tomorrow, KantanMT are exhibiting in ALPHA village. Stop by the KantanMT exhibit and say ‘Hi’ to Tony, Eric and Niamh. They will be able to tell you all about the platform, new technologies and show you some demos.

In the following video, Tony gives an introduction into what KantanMT is about and what technologies have been developed so far. It is a great overview of KantanMT’s technology and team.

If you’re attending the Web Summit either today or tomorrow and want to set up a meeting with Tony, Niamh or Eric, you can call Niamh on +353 877526320, or email Niamhl@kantanmt.com.

Enjoy Web Summit 2013!


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