Eric Chubb, Senior software developer
Eric Chubb

In anticipation of the upcoming release of KantanMT’s first mobile application, I met with Eric Chubb, Senior Software Developer at KantanMT to find out what exciting new features our members can look forward to on the mobile app. 

So, in a nutshell Eric, what is the KantanMT mobile app?

The mobile app allows the user to interact with the website via a mobile device. Our focus is on the user experience. The concept behind developing a mobile app was to give our members the flexibility to interact with the site even if they were not physically at a computer. Members can view their client profiles, and more importantly they can check their job history and job status.

Which mobile devices will it be available on?

Babatunde Akinse, Software Developer
Babatunde Akinse

The app will be released on Android devices running 3.0 (Honeycomb) and iPhones running iOS6.0 or higher. Both versions of the app have identical functionality. Software Developer, Babatunde Akinse worked on development of the Android version.

Why is it so special and how does it create value for our members?

The biggest advantage for our members is the flexibility to launch and monitor translation jobs from their mobile device. It provides a complex monitoring system on a simple, user friendly interface. The user can launch their translation jobs and shut down any running KantanMT API’s when they are not using them. They can also generate job history reports and client profile lists.

Who will use or benefit from this app?

This is accessible to anyone with a KantanMT account and a mobile device that supports the app. Our members who will benefit from this most, are language service providers (LSPs) and translators who are running jobs while they are away from their computers.

Can you give us a sneak peek at some of the functions?

Once members have downloaded the app, they can log into their accounts with their email and password. The interface has two screens, jobs screen and engines screen. As you can see below, the user can switch easily between both screens.

KantanMT mobile app screenshot for iPhone 2013 release
Jobs screen on the new KantanMT mobile app

The job screen shows the user information on the status of the job. The left side of the screen shows the Job number in black writing, the Job name is directly underneath in grey, and the profile name is listed below the job name. The right side of the screen then shows the status of the job.

The screen displaying the engines shows the engine name in black and the training data used to build the engine in grey underneath. The language pair and direction is displayed on the right.

KantanMT mobile app, for iPhone engine screenshot 2013 release
Engines screen on the KantanMT mobile app

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