Machine translation techKantanISR™ is a new technology that KantanMT has secretly been working on at its development centre in Dublin. The tool will impact the quality performance of KantanMT engines and lead to dramatically reduced post-editing effort for its members.  KantanISR allows members of the community to add training material to a running KantanMT engine in real-time, avoiding the need to rebuild or even retrain your KantanMT engine!

KantanISR™ was designed to allow the near-instantaneous submission of post-edited translations into a KantanMT engine, which are then used to influence the generation of future translations. – and it all happens instantly! The technology is designed to rapidly increase the learning capabilities of KantanMT engines, making it adopt writing styles faster.  This leads to a dramatic reduction in post-editing required to complete a translation job.

KantanISR™ is easy to work with. You simply login to your KantanMT dashboard and submit your new training segments using the KantanISR editor.  These are stored in the KantanISR cache.  This cache is used as supplementary training data next time the engine is run – avoiding the need to completely retrain the KantanMT engine from scratch.

Using KantanISR™ means that members can add training data quickly and easily to their engine, improving translation quality and reducing post-editing effort.

ISR – stands for Instant Segment Retraining

When you click on your new ISR button, an editor will pop up on the screen. This editor is provided as a convenient way to experiment with this feature and add segment retraining data to your engine. This is your ISR cache. You can now translate your files as per normal and this new training cache will automatically be included with your engine – however you don’t have to retrain the engine to see the results!

NOTE: For best results make sure your use complete segments when entering your ISR data.

Early next week, the KantanMT API Version 2.0 will be released and will include full support for this feature. This means that you’ll be able to add ISR data to a running engine in real time!