KantanMT AnalyticsKantanMT recently announced the forthcoming release of KantanAnalytics™, a tool that provides segment level quality analysis for Machine Translation output. KantanMT has developed this new technology in partnership with the CNGL Centre for Global Intelligent Content, which is also based at Dublin City University.

KantanAnalytics measures the quality of the translations generated by KantanMT engines. The measurement provides a quality score for each segment translated through a KantanMT engine. This means that Language Service Providers (LSPs)will be able to:

  • accurately identify segments that require the most post-editing effort
  • accurately identify segments that match the client’s quality standards
  • better predict project completion times
  • offer more accurate pricing to their clients and set a price during the early stages of the project
  • build secure commercial Machine Translation frameworks

KantanAnalytics is being rolled out to a sample of KantanMT members this month, July 2013. It will be made available to all members of the KantanMT platform in September 2013.


The CNGL Centre for Global Intelligent Content
CNGL was established in 2007 as a collaborative academia-industry research centre aiming to break new ground in digital intelligent content and to “revolutionise the global content value chain for enterprises, communities, and individuals” (CNGL, 2013).

CNGL says that it intends to “pioneer development of advanced content processing technologies for content creation, multilingual discovery, translation and localization, personalisation, and multimodal interaction across global markets”. Its adds that “these technologies will revolutionise the integration and unification of multilingual, multi-modal and multimedia content and interactions, and drive innovation across the global content value chain” (CNGL, 2013)

The body has received over €43 million euro in funding from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and key industry partners. Research for the KantanMT Analytics project was co-funded by the SFI in association with Enterprise Ireland.

CNGL has researchers at Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, University of Limerick, and Dublin City University. These researchers produce the aforementioned technologies in association with industry partners. Aside from KantanMT, CNGL has also entered partnerships with Microsoft, Intel, and Symantec to name but a few.

KantanAnalytics is the latest milestone in the partnership between KantanMT and CNGL and it will help to redefine current Machine Translation business models.

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