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Chrome Data Solutions, a joint venture between Chrome Systems, Inc. and Autodata Solutions Content Group became an early adopter of KantanMT technology after signing up to the platform in November 2012. The company, which has over 25 years experience in automotive data and software, offers high-value vehicle content and applications for a global market.

Manager of Translation Services at Chrome Data, Mohamed Hammoud speaks to KantanMT about his experience with Machine Translation and its impact at Chrome Data Solutions.

What encouraged you to search for a Machine Translation solution?

The need to deliver quality translations at competitive pricing and constantly increase our ROI drove our organisation to look at smarter ways that we could approach our language needs. We had developed proprietary tools to manage our data as well as invested in translation memory but this was not enough. A solidly-developed and content-rich Machine Translation was an important next step to help achieve our goals: improve efficiency and reuse translation memories; lower translation costs; and deliver quality localised products to our diverse automotive client base.

What were the greatest obstacles that you faced when integrating Machine Translation into the translation workflows at Chrome Data?

There were many solutions in the industry and some of the greatest obstacles included ease of integration with our own tools and cost. KantanMT responded by providing a solution with little to no start-up cost or maintenance, as well as a seamless product that was easy to use and which integrated not only with our technology but also our workflow.

How did you overcome these obstacles?

We first needed to become very familiar with the concept of Machine Translation and its application within our organisation. The great staff at KantanMT helped by providing friendly and constant support and because this product was (and is!) still being improved and developed, we benefited from seeing our wish list become an actual roadmap within the product’s development.

How has Machine Translation impacted on the translation department in Chrome Data?

Although we are very happy with Machine Translation, we are still discovering all of the benefits. Learning to integrate it with our other tools and processes to achieve optimal results will take time, but we are definitely off to a very positive start.

What role do you think Machine Translation will play in the translation industry over the next ten years?

You can never replace human interaction within the translation process but you can assist it and continually improve upon it. The smarter the Machine Translation, the faster and more improved results in the final product and with real time need for products to become localised in an ever-increasingly global community, there is no turning back.

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